From a very young age, I found myself asking some of life’s greatest questions – Who am I? Why am I here? What is my meaningful contribution to this life? It led me down the path to becoming a psychologist, so I could understand humanity, the world, and our existence. But the answers didn’t come quickly, and by no means easily. It was only in my early 30’s that the mist had lifted and things started making sense. As my life path unfolded it became apparent to me that there exists a power far greater than each one of us; that synchronicity is real, and that every experience and encounter we have is just as it was meant to be.

The search for purpose and meaning is a very human journey. We must continuously be looking for ways to expand our knowledge, expand our conscious awareness, contribute in some sort of way, and recognize that our deeper purpose and meaning evolves over time. There may be struggles along the way, and the answers we seek will not always come when we ask for them. But they will show up eventually, and sometimes in ways we least expected, and only when we are ready to embrace their truth and teachings.

Throughout our human experience, we will feel both joy and despair in equal measure. The light exists, and so does the darkness. They each play a pivotal part in their own unique way. There will come a time when we must step into our fears to know our strengths and expand our spiritual awareness and evolution. In doing so, we must never lose sight of the light, even if the flame is small and a soft glow is all we see. When we choose to live from the heart, we have chosen to live in the light.

~ Milan Ljubincic (Island of Souls), Spring 2014.

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